Extreme Physical Training with Rob is totally mental and completely brilliant.  I'm fitter now than i've ever been.

Robert A Salaman - MB,BCh, MD, FRCS. Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Director


I joined Extreme Physical Training to give myself a 'push' as although in good shape, I felt I was not getting the best results from training at my regular gym.  After 5 weeks on the High Intensity Training, I had lost FOUR KILOS of Fat, improved the muscular tone on my legs and arms and felt it was a brilliant result.

John Boys - Director


I weighed 18st when I first started training with Rob, now I weigh 15st 6.  Once I got my weight below 16st Rob put me on the High Intensity Course, 7 weeks before my Army Selection Tests and I passed with flying colours.  With the training Rob gave me I came 5th out of 30 in a basic fitness test part of which, timing 9 mins 43 seconds in a mile and a half run.  I now feel the fittest I've ever been and feel I can achieve any goals because of his training.

Chris Davidson - Army


Killer Endurance... an extremely unique, time effective way of endurance training, incorporating speed challenges which enable you to tolerate higher uncomfort zones, whilst learning navigation, fueling, outdoor survival and injury prevention techniques. Enjoying professional guidance and friendly competition on fantastic terrain.  Great fun and hugely rewarding for all wanting to improve beyond the norm.

Garry Shaw - Endurance Athlete


After a long absence from any kind of physical training I enrolled on a 4 week EPT with the aim of kick starting my training. After just 3 weeks I was completely hooked - I had joined a gym a year earlier and been maybe a dozen times in the whole 12 months - now I feel deprived if I don't get to EPT once a week. It's easy and fun and the results are measurable week by week.  The intensity of the sessions is such that within just 2 or 3 weeks I began to firm up, and feel fitter - each week I can see and feel the progress I make.  EPT is a no-nonsense workout with no frills, Rob pushes everyone to their own limits but the feeling of personal achievement is amazing and simply encourages you to push on to the next level.

Liz Walmsley - Finance Director


Last night i was totally amazed when I put my jeans on and had to tighten the belt up a notch after only a few weeks, I am so impressed and delighted.  Just thought I would share that with you.

Jo Owen - Manager


I started training about 1 month ago, the one to one training has been inspirational to me and given me confidence and changed my whole life.  I have lost a stone and completed the Killer Endurance Day  with triathletes and marathon runners alike.  A great mix of people and I didn't feel left out, I am very proud of this personal achievement.  The work I have done with Rob has shown me success in my job and weight loss in such a short time, the way Rob knows what he needs to design for you to achieve your personal goals shows the quality and professional approach he has to his work.

Kevin Rawcliffe - Sales Director